EADA program activities will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Establishing office facilities and providing computers with internet and e-mail access, telephones and printers for job seekers to contact employers, submit job applications and conduct searches for job openings posted on-line by employers;
  • Assisting job seekers in the preparation of resumes, word processing, and job applications and perfecting their interviewing skills;
  • Assisting job seekers in their search for jobs with interaction by and between DEEDS, NorthForce (Duluth, Iron Range and Superior), Minnesota’s Veterans Employment Representative and the St. Louis County Veterans Service Office
  • Establishing a line of communications in our community between employers and job  seekers; and interact with the Saint Louis County Public Health & Human Services and the St. Louis County Veteran’s Service office;
  • Developing and maintaining a web-site promoting the availability of job-search services and current known open employment positions; and
  • Partnering with Northeastern Minnesota Office of Job Training in holding Business of the Day events bringing prospective employers and local job seekers together.